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MultiversX's First
Liquidity Protocol
that Empowers
DeFi Through
Various Products.

You can lend and start earning
interests on your
, and

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Hatom is a decentralized, algorithmic protocol for lending, borrowing, and staking assets, that operates on the MultiversX Network.

Super power coin

A vast network of partners

Partners from all around the world collaborate with us to enhance the DeFi ecosystem on the MultiversX.


Liquidity Locked in the Protocol
Total supply

    Hatom Protocol Ecosystem

    • Lending Platform
    • Liquid Staking
    • Governance
    • Staking Module
    • Safety Module

    Become a liquidity provider by supplying your assets to Hatom's decentralized lending protocol, and earn interest on your deposit. You can also borrow several assets against your collateral in an over-collateralized fashion. Reclaim your collateral by paying off your loan in full, including interest.

    Hatom Labs Projects

    Fund your project through the Hatom Grants Program

    Apply for the Hatom Grants Program, and get funding for your innovative app or tool built on top of the Hatom Protocol. This incentive program is also here to help grow the MultiversX ecosystem.

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