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Deep dive into the heart of Hatom Protocol
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$9,449,627.26 Dividends

Paid out to Hatom Token Holders over 3 years

Features of Hatom Token



Stake your Hatom tokens to earn a share of the protocol's revenue. Dividends are paid in EGLD, USDC, MEX, HTM, and RIDE.


Decide which token should be listed next, and what upgrade or feature should be integrated into the protocol.

Supply & Borrow

Hatom token holders can use the HTM Money Market to :

  • Supply HTM and earn interest on their deposit.
  • Use HTM as collateral and take a loan of any available crypto asset.

Understanding Hatom

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Get Hatom

Buy Hatom tokens and take part of a growing ecosystem.
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Benefits of Hatom token

Take part in the development of the ecosystem and have access to a tremendous staking yield.
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White Paper

Go through our whitepaper to have a better grasp of our protocol.
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Hatom is the key financial instrument that will open the floodgates to DeFi investment in the Elrond ecosystem and we are proud to be a part of it.
Federico Caccia,
CEO Rather Labs

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